Commercial Law: 

Turkey has become an important center for foreign investors thanks to the economic stability and market capacity owned in Turkey after the 2000s. With developing and integrating World economy, the amount of foreign capital in Turkey is increasing with each passing day as well as the types of activities that are carried out in Turkey by foreign investors and companies are diversifying in parallel with such increase.


In this context, foreign investors are operating in many areas of activity from automotive industry to cosmetics, from construction sector to IT sector through the companies established by themselves or partnerships that they have established in Turkey. As a result of all these positive developments, legal changes have been made so as to simplify and accelerate the commercial life in Turkey as far as possible. The most important one is the Turkish Commercial Code which came into force as a completely new code in the middle of 2012. 

Consultancy in Commercial Law has become one of the main services of BudakLegal due to the positive developments in Turkish commercial life and increasing legal advice requirements of foreign investors. In this context, consultancy services related to activity planned before investment are provided to foreign investors by BudakLegal, and as a result of the examinations, it is considered in which legal structure such activity should be conducted.


We provide the services such as legal counseling, establishment of determined legal structure, establishment of company, branch, liason office, joint venture or ordinary partnership, preparation of related deeds of partnership, obtaining required permissions and licenses before activity from related Ministries and other public institutions, providing legal advice for foreign investors when they participate in the tenders organized by public institutions of the Republic of Turkey, representation of foreign companies in the negotiations before intercompany commercial activities, amicable settlement of disputes arising between companies, representation of the companies before judicial authorities in case of commercial disputes which are not possible to be settled amicably.