Labour and Employment Law:

Undoubtedly, labor force is one of the most crucial elements of the economic life. Labour law is an area regulated in a very detailed manner by laws, regulations and communiqués in Turkey. Current problems and issues, which are not regulated certainly by the law, are regulated by prejudications of the Supreme Court. Many new regulations are imposed in the area of labour law as well as in many areas in Turkey and responsibilities and obligations of the employers are increased with each passing day. 

While foreign investors start to operate in Turkey, one of the most important issues is the establishment of the business relationship between the company and employees properly. Determination to be made properly in many areas such as job descriptions, premium payments, mutual obligations, termination of contract shall eliminate more easily many problems, which are likely to arise in the future. 

Budak Law Office provides legal advice about labour law for both employees and also employers, and offers legal services for the parties in connection with preparation of labour contracts, regulating workplace bylaws, providing required trainings, remediable settlement of the disputes among the parties and also obtaining work permit and residence permit for foreign employees to be hired by the companies established in Turkey.