Foreign Investment: 


Investors make comprehensive researches in terms of both financial and legal aspects of the current conditions of the markets in which they plan to operate before taking any steps in these markets. In the event that these researches and evaluations are resulted positively, it is decided to make investments and necessary actions are taken.


BudakLegal provides the services for the foreign investors at all stages of planned investment including research and evaluation process before initiating activities in Turkey. 

These services include preparation of preliminary investigation reports, performing researches on legislation specific to related sectors, establishment of the legal structure determined according to type of activity to displayed in Turkey basically, establishment of company, branch, liason office, business partnership and joint venture, obtaining required permissions, licenses and authorizations from related competent authorities, providing all kinds of legal advices required by the company during its activities, preparation of commercial contracts, arrangement of relationship between the company and its employees, preparation of employment contracts.