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Who are heirs under Turkish Law?

Under Turkish Law, there are several degrees of heirs determined by law.


Depending on whether the deceased person was married or not, had children or not, the shares and the ...

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What is reserved portion and invalid transfer?

What if the deceased left all his/her property to only one heir or excluded you while sharing their ...

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What is the scope of heritage?

Heirs, upon decease of the decedent, take over the heritage fully with his/her receivables and debts. They have the right to reject the heritage within ...

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What are the inheritance shares?

Hereditary shares of the surviving spouse depend on the degree of other inheritors. For instance, if the surviving spouse ... 

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What are the difficulties experienced

in practice?

Foreign citizens or Turkish citizens who reside abroad may have experience difficulties in reaching records if they are not familiar with ...

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