Are owners of vehicles registered abroad (Foreign Licence Plates) entitled to claim compensation from insurance companies in Turkey?  



In summer time lots of foreign vehicles enter in Turkey and time time they are involved in traffic accidents. Owners of the vehicles may claim compensation from counterparty or his/her insurance company under mandatory traffic insurance policy as per Turkish Law. Therefore, it is important to have information about requirements of an application to insurance company as an accident report to be signed by the parties involved in accident (the sample is published by circular of Undersecreteriat of Treasury) will be required and this is normally prepared just after accident and photos of the damaged part of cars are added for review of insurance experts.

For instance; you came to Turkey from Germany for visiting your relatives in your annual leave. Provided however, you are involved in a traffic accident without faul or negligence of you, or counterparty’s negligence is greater than yours. Your car is damaged. You returned to Germany and preferred to have your car repaired in Germany. You have your invoices verifying repair cost or expert report confirming the amount of loss, photos, accident minutes signed by all parties involved in accident and other documents. In this case ou can apply to insurance company of counterparty and claim compensation for your loss.   

In case insurance company rejected your application, you may apply to alternative dispute resolution methods applicable under Turkish Law (without need to apply court) which may take less time and cost for you.