What are the difficulties experienced in practice?

Foreign citizens or Turkish citizens who reside abroad may have experience difficulties in reaching records if they are not familiar with the practice of Turkish public authorities.


Turkish authorities apply strict form requirements in order to protect confidential personal data and ownership rights of properties. Additionally, as time passes/over time? , it is difficult to reach old records if correct data is not provided to related authority.

It is also common that parents living abroad do not prefer to register their children in Turkish birth records.


As a result of this, children living outside Turkey may be deprived of heritage in Turkey as they do not seem to be heirs according to records. In this case, other heirs may easily take over and share the assets without informing heirs living abroad and not recorded in Turkey. In this case, the children excluded from heritage shall have right to file a lawsuit to receive their rights.

We advise to contact a lawyer in order to follow up the right procedure in obtaining records and ascertaining the scope of heritage.

In addition to regulations under Turkish laws, there are several multilateral treaties which may help to initiate the process of understanding and receiving your inheritance rights.