Who are heirs under Turkish Law?

Under Turkish Law, there are several degrees of heirs determined by law. Depending on whether the deceased person was married or not, had children or not, the shares and the heirs may vary.


As the first rule, children of the deceased person shall be accepted as heirs of the first degree. If children of the deceased person predecease/die before him/her, their children shall take their place. Children have equal inheritance rights.


If the decedent has no children, then the second degree of heirs, namely the father and mother, equally share the heritage. If the mother or father predecease/die before the decedent, their children (for instance, sister or brother, step sister etc.) shall take their place.


Based on that, depending on conditions, it becomes possible to receive share from the heritage of your grandfather, aunt, uncle or nephew, or other distant relatives. Adopted children have the same rights as the legitimate natural born children of the deceased. Therefore their share shall be the same as natural born children.


Children who were born outside of marriage and not recognized by the father may file a case for establishment of paternity and receive their inheritance shares which are equal to the children who were born within marriage.