Super Yachts


Maritime/Shipping Law is one of the specifically specialized areas of BudakLegal. As it is known, Turkey has become one of the leading countries in the world in terms of construction of ship and yacht as a result of both economic and high quality labor and also, substantial investments. Shipyards located in notably Istanbul, Antalya and other provinces provide services in connection with construction of all kinds of yachts to the foreign customers.


Upon this economic development, necessary regulations have been made in the Turkish Commercial Code and relevant official record and registration systems have been become in good working order.


Relationships between the parties should be regulated properly in this area as well as in any commercial transaction. Shipyards, which have been serving to foreign customers generally, endeavor to establish good relationships with both its customers and also subcontractors with whom they shall work together during the construction of yacht, and attempt to secure themselves.


Foreign customers need the legal advice in connection with the issues such as transfer of ownership of the yacht for which they have already started to make payments but which is still under construction, protection against third parties, guaranteeing the money they have paid, performance of necessary registration procedures.


BudakLegal provides the services for its clients on the side of shipyard or employer from time to time in connection with the issues such as preparation of agreements regulating the relationships between the parties, taking and organizing the necessary guarantees, performance of necessary registration procedures.