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BudakLegal is bound by the Code of Lawyers and related Regulations including regulations on advertisement prohibition enacted by the Union of the Turkish Bar Associations.


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The content on this website is provided for general information (mainly Turkish Commercial Law and Turkish Inheritance Law) purposes only and is not intended to constitute or substitute legal or other professional advice. All articles, briefings, updates,, or other information available on this website are prepared so that they are current as at the date of writing. It should be noted that such information can rapidly become out of date. You should not take any actions based on information found on this website without seeking legal advice. BudakLegal makes no representations about the suitability, reliability, timeliness, comprehensiveness, and accuracy of the information, services and other content contained on this website. BudakLegal cannot guarantee that the content and the provision of the content of this website will always be correct or fault, error, and virus free. BudakLegal does not accept liability for incorrect content or errors and omissions in this website or its content (whether of legal, typographical, technical, or other nature) but endeavors to correct them as quickly as practicable. BudakLegal will not be liable for any data lost or any equipment or software replaced by you as a result of you using this website.


BudakLegal reserves the right to terminate, suspend or alter the content of this website and to amend these terms and conditions at any time. Continued use of this website after alteration of these terms and conditions shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of such alterations. This website may contain links to other websites solely for your convenience. BudakLegal does not endorse any such linked sites and assumes no responsibility for the contents of any other website to which this website offers links.

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